The Apolo SAV-82 and SAV-89 Seeders at random are designed to achieve an optimal seed at random for rice, sorghum, wheat, barley and other similar cultivations. Also excellent results can be achieved on fertilizing with powder or granulated fertilizers.

• lts original system of activation with gear assembly linked to the tractor power taken with a universal joint gear, will always guarantee the even distribution of product on the soil.
• The seeders at random can be easily adjusted to the agricultural tractors equipped with hydraulic elk and power taken (P.T.O.) at 540 R.P.M.
• Easy assembly and operation to any tractor.

• Three-point linkage- categories I or II (SAV-82) and category II (SAV-89).
• Adjustment of orientation of distribution to any side or center of the seeder.
• Equipped with shaker to distribute fertilizers.
• Hoppers made of steel sheets

- Structures of high resistance platens.
• Simple maintenance: constant and proper lubrication (oil SAE-90) and cleaning.

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