• Structural tube structure.
• Mechanical supports.
• Mechanical measurement positioning system (disc opening and closing), which allows movement of the chain carrier arm and engine.
• Graduation distance between discs from 500 to 1500 mm.
• Square thread screws mechanism for cutting feed. Engine 3HP 3600 RPM. • Reducing Moto of 2 HP variable speed.
• Three-phase, voltage 220V, frequency60 Hz.
• Circular saw blade of 30 cm in diameter, 63 tungsten teeth for cross-cutting.
• Alignment and centering tables System.
• Manual feed system which accumulates tables, autonomous dosing.
• Electrical system control panel and electronic speed.
• 4-inch output bell for sawdust collection.
• Adjustable guidelines for waste collection.
• Speed ​​control for production between 800 and 1.800 tables per hour.
*Additional equipment, chip extractor

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