The Apolo trademark disk plows are implements studied and tested extensively on all surfaces, under the most difficult conditions, especially for hardened soils.

• Easy operation even on dry and hard soils or on soils with thin texture containing high humidity, minimal waste on rocky soils or soils with roots, efficient control of soil erosion through the mixing of farming waste with the first layer of soil.
• The joint of the transverse axle can be fitted into four different positions which allow the transfer of weight to the wheels to increase grip or to improve the penetration of the disks into hard soils or to vary the width of section.

• The sliding supports of the disks over the frame allow changing the width of the furrow.
• The disks and the guide wheel turn above the highest quality bearings of conical rolls, protected against dust and abrasion.

• The back wheel or the guide wheel designed to be the plow's steering gear and as a fifth wheel of the joint implement-tractor sticks itself to the furrow's wall getting to keep the joint perfectly aligned during the work.

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